Best Swimming Vancouver WA

Best Swimming Vancouver WA

Where are the best places to swim in Vancouver WA?

While commonly thought of as a summer activity, swimming doesn’t have to be relegated to hot summer weather when you live in a warm or temperate climate. This is especially true when you have a few indoor swimming options to choose from! Vancouver WA doesn’t have an incredible selection of places to swim like in some cities, but that doesn’t mean everyone is sharing a single makeshift pool in a tiny pond. There are a few indoor swimming places as well as a couple outdoors if you want a picnic from one of the local grocery stores. Depending on which you’re looking for, certain swimming spots might be better for you to stay at while our roofing contractor makes your home look great.

Best Indoor Swimming Place

With only a couple options to choose from for indoor swimming in Vancouver WA, Firstenburg Center at NE 136th Ave and NE 116th Cir stands high above the rest. Even those with aquaphobia can find something to do while they wait for friends and family members to swim by spending time in the gym or relaxing in the game room. As for the pool itself, there is an impressive range of activities for all levels of adrenaline. From the 130-foot water slide—the longest in Clark County—to the gentle lap pool and everything in between, swimmers (or floaters) can get just what they’re looking for.

Best Outdoor Swimming Place

Any body of water could probably technically be a place to swim. But Vancouver WA goes a step further by having lakes with playground equipment, picnic areas, and sporting facilities nearby. For the one place that has a little bit of everything outdoors, Vancouver WA residents often choose to go to Klineline Pond. While not as large as the neighboring Vancouver Lake, Klineline stands apart due to having an on-duty lifeguard during the summer season. This allows kids that are just learning to swim the opportunity to make mistakes that don’t head up catastrophic. And for those that aren’t yet ready to try open water, they can still enjoy the benefits of cooling down with the splashpad that uses chlorine water in a recirculating system to minimize germ passing.


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