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It’s not a fun time when your roof stops working properly. But you can go and have fun while our roofing contractors come to Central Park to fix it up! As the neighborhood is older than Washington State itself, nearly all of it has been developed, meaning that there’s plenty to do. One of the most popular areas of recreation is the Marshall Center. Located right next to the Vancouver WA Parks & Recreation building, the Marshall Center has something for everyone. They have a pool, fitness center, gymnasium, and plenty of other places to go and spend the day. It’s also a common place for day camps during school breaks so kids can have something interesting and enriching to do during their off time.

Another major landmark of Central Park is Clark College. As the only community college in the city, Clark College is a fantastic place for new graduates to start or for adults to return to school for their degree. And when it comes to degrees, this college has a lot to offer. The associate degrees and certificates tend to fit under one of 7 areas:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Business
  • Computer Technology
  • Health Care
  • Professional and Technical
  • STEM
  • Transitional Studies

The Nursing program in particular is extremely popular, as it is accredited by the ACEN and is the only such program nearby. But just because it’s the only choice doesn’t mean it’s poor quality. Smart mannequins allow future nurses to deal with complex medical conditions without a real body at risk, with the mannequin simulating an actual human’s response; it even breathes and has a heartbeat! With that kind of technology, it’s no wonder students come here from all over!


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Hands down!!!! Thanks for all the help. Ridgeline came in and got a big job done fast! Best of luck to you guys.

Jacob Langley

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