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Vancouver homeowners may come across a conundrum between choosing a short-term roof repair, or an expensive roof replacement. For those looking for a solution to widespread deterioration without having to completely tear off a roof, homeowners should consider hiring a roofing contractor from Ridgeline to recommend a re-roof. This process comes at a fraction of what roof replacements often would cost–especially if there isn’t any damage done to the underlayments or baseboards.

Deciding on having a re-roof may be the best solution for those who are looking for a budget-minded solution to problems with roofing. At Ridgeline Roofing, we assess your roof for free, and come up with a solution that suits your shingles and your budget.

What’s The Difference Between Re-Roofing and Roof Replacement?

Roof replacements and re-roof projects are different in a few key ways. While roof-placements involve tearing off and sometimes replacing everything down to the baseboards, underlayments, flashing, and fascia boards, re-roofing simply involves nailing a brand-new layer of asphalt shingles over an older layer of shingles.

The advantages of re-roofing:

  • Doesn’t require tearing off your entire roof
  • Less costly and time-consuming than roof-replacement
  • Gives your roof an appealing and refreshed look
  • A great solution for both minor and major repairs
Re-roofing can only be performed once as a remedy for old shingles. If further damage is detected after a re-roof, a roof-replacement is necessary.

When Do I Need a Re-Roof?

A lot of factors can inform your decision to re-roof your home. When homeowners around your neighborhood that were built the same time as yours begin replacing or re-roofing their respective houses, that may be a sign that your home will need to be re-roofed at the very least.

Some other damages may inspire the need to begin a re-roofing project. If you notice any of the following wear and tear on your roof, call Ridgeline today:

  • Cracked or split shingles
  • Cupped shingles
  • Missing granules
  • Exposed underlayments
  • Stained or discolored shingles

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